Our goal is to elevate your day and document every detail.  We know how important it is to take a deep breath and relax on one of the most exciting days of your life. Though we thrive behind the camera, we both understand being self-conscious/nervous in front of the lens.  We believe in connecting with you, making a comfortable space for you to be confident in your own skin.

We became photographers because photos are the only thing you take home from the day. we take photos with your future generations in mind, making sure we grab moments from a hug with grandma, to breaking it down on the dance floor. We promise to serve not just you, but everyone involved.

we are here to preserve ALL OF IT.


We are elementary school sweethearts who love to host people at our small downtown home in colorado springs, colorado. Our love language is having deep conversations with friends over a glass of red wine and a big bag of popcorn. We are a huge believer in bear hugs instead of handshakes, and that Han shot first.

We’re 80-year-olds at heart in that we value a good night’s sleep, long books, and puzzles, though we quickly turn into kids when we play Nintendo or belt out Disney soundtracks.

We love getting epic photos without having to adventure to get them. We’re the type of photographers who shoot fast and amazing so that you can get back to the party.

Some random facts about us:

  1. We’ve never dated anyone but each other (cue “aww”)
  2. Joe is an enneagram 6w5 and Mary is a 2w3
  3. We are blends of both Slithern and Ravenclaw from Harry Potter
  4. We have a fur-baby named Bilbo (Yes, like Bilbo Baggins!)